"We believe an encounter with Jesus Christ transforms lives."


Crossing Christian Church is a church of faith through teaching scripture and relating it to our everyday lives in an effort to build disciples for Christ.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and was given to us as our Savior for all those who will claim Him as so. Jesus is the foundation upon which we preach and teach and we believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word, worthy of our study and application. We have no creed but Christ; no book but the Bible.

  • We believe for someone to become a follower of Christ one must:
    • Humble themselves and release their EGO (Edging God Out) and put on "THE" EGO (Exalt God Only)
    • Believe that God gave His One and Only Son to this world
    • Accept Christ as ruler over their lives
    • Repent and be Baptized
    • Share the love of Christ and the change He’s done in their life through the Holy Spirit
    • Return the favor to God by sharing His love and the Good News with their/our community


We are a locally independent Christian congregation. Our goal is not to lead people to be a "Baptist," "Catholic," "Presbyterian," or "Christian," etc., but to be Followers of Christ. The Crossing is a church where individuals can mature and develop in their spiritual walk and take it out into the community to SHARE THE LOVE of Christ with all.

We believe "ALL" churches should be in unity having the same goal of SHARING the Gospel

We encourage the unity of all Followers and believe this unity can be achieved when the love for Christ is greater than love for man–made traditions. We do not claim to be the only Followers, but strive to be Followers only.


We are a "come as you are" church. Everyone is welcome regardless of their past, their reputation, or their social status. All we ask is that you come with an open heart and mind to receive what God wants you to hear. As it says in 1 Corinthians 5:17 When someone becomes a Follower, he/she becomes a brand new person inside. He/she is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!

It’s our desire that you FIND YOUR PLACE HERE!

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